About us

AKORDAS-1 was founded in 1991. Since our inception, we have set ourselves higher standards than our Customers. Social responsibility, high competence, honesty, loyalty and trust are just some of the few commitments we call values. These values encourage us to improve and achieve our goals. Our employees are skilled, highly experienced engineers and highly qualified and skilled workers. We strive to develop our employees' development and career opportunities.


Design of communication communications. Design of public spaces.

Design services

We coordinate the activities of construction participants. We represent the builder.

Road and street construction and repair works

We carry out all types of construction work on several streets and other communication constructions.

Engineering network construction

We perform installation and repair works of all kinds of engineering networks.

Immovable cultural heritage management works

We carry out works on the management of real cultural heritage in buildings (conservation, restoration, repairs, accident prevention).

Territory care

We perform area maintenance works during the summer and winter seasons. During the winter season we carry out road and street spreading works.

Our portfolio